Around BlackBerry in 15 minutes

BAKOTECH introduces to you BlackBerry products in a series of videos about the vendor's portfolio, where you learn about the solutions, their capabilities, and functions.


The first product we will introduce you to is BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). This solution provides flexibility and application security, allowing employees to stay connected and secure so they can work from any device, anywhere. With the help of BlackBerry UEM, you can simplify the process of activating and configuring employees' devices, introduce a single standard for device and OS management, and strengthen protection against data leakage. And this is far from the full potential of the solution.
Learn more about all the features and capabilities of BlackBerry UEM from Yevhen Kurash in our video.

In the second video, we explored BlackBerry Secure Communications, which includes BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry AtHoc.

BlackBerry Messenger is an on-prem communications platform that runs on a server. It allows you to exchange messages securely and build a secure connection on any device. BlackBerry Messenger offers end-to-end encryption, strong privacy policies, and enterprise-grade features.

BlackBerry AtHoc is a system that notifies employees in case of emergency and provides information on how to act in case of danger.

Learn how to securely share instant messaging within your company and how to set up an emergency notification system for your team.

The third video discusses smart cyber security — the BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Security (UES) platform.
Cylance®'s comprehensive approach to cyber security, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, takes protection to a new level. From the video, you will learn about the following components of BlackBerry UES:
● BlackBerry EPP (Endpoint Protection) ● BlackBerry Optics (EDR) ● BlackBerry Protect Mobile (MTD) ● BlackBerry Gateway (ZTNA) ● DLP Cylance AVERT
Explore the vendor's solution map and learn how AI provides improved visibility and protection against cyber threats!


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