The Art of Countering Hackers: Endpoint Security with BlackBerry UES

Hackers keep vigil, and every day new security threats arise for all companies, especially those with poor endpoint protection. How do you keep your endpoint devices safe from attacks? We know just the solution – BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Security. 
We conducted a live demo, where we showed how how the BlackBerry UES platform ML algorithm can ensure the security of your end devices. 


    Live-demo BlackBerry UES ecosystem.
    Eliminating dependency on clouds, signatures, and endless file system scans with BB Protect, an EPP platform. 
    Responding to cyber incidents with minimal tie to employee time, EDR solution - BB Optics.  
    Setting up the module of reaction to anomalies in employees' work - behavioral analysis (UEBA - BB Persona).
    Zero Trust for Remote Connectivity, ZTNA - BB Gateway
    Forming a single security perimeter for Windows, Linux, macOS, ios, Android

Watch Live Demo and find out how AI and machine learning can be used to effectively monitor and protect against current and future cyber attacks.
Webinar language: Russian 

15.03 | 11:00 EET

Yevhen Kurash, Engineer, BAKOTECH