BlackBerry AtHoc®:Integrated Critical Event Management Solution 

The BlackBerry® AtHoc® solution for critical event management integrates a secure system for emergency notifications with tools and capabilities for incident response. This allows you to swiftly activate your response teams and empower them to more effectively get ready for, handle, and bounce back from critical events with increased speed.

Respond Smarter, Faster, and Better with BlackBerry AtHoc

Emergencies and business disruptions happen. It’s how you prepare and respond to them that determines their impact.



Get up and running in less than 24 hours. Quickly disseminate information—including images and video—across public and private channels.



Reduce the likelihood of human error under stress. Centralize communications across channels to create a single source of truth.



Maintain accountability and compliance with an auditable record of incident communications. Confirm message delivery down to the millisecond.


AtHoc® Account –Real-Time Visibility into Your Personnel’s Safety

The AtHoc® Account simplifies the procedure of verifying the well-being of all individuals within your institution or enterprise, eliminating uncertainty during critical junctures. Established safety protocols and automated notifications from the devices of your personnel furnish you with vital real-time data, enabling you to promptly initiate a response. 

AtHoc® Alert – Send Secure Mass Notifications

AtHoc® Alert enables the swift and secure dissemination of notifications regarding a critical incident to staff, affiliated entities, and the general public through various communication channels. Real-time monitoring of responses guarantees the effective delivery of your message. 


AtHoc® Connect – Your Crisis Communication Network

Efficiently manage your emergency response in a secure manner, collaborating with numerous public and private entities, all the while maintaining oversight over the recipients of your notifications through AtHoc® Connect. 

AtHoc® Collect – Access Incident Data Direct from the Field

With AtHoc® Collect, your team members can confidently transmit geo-tagged media from their devices, facilitating the accumulation, administration, and strategic utilization of incident-related information, leading to informed responses. 


Leverage Your Existing Systems and Workflows

The integration of BlackBerry AtHoc occurs smoothly and with utmost security into your current systems, encompassing platforms such as Microsoft Teams®, Workday®, and ServiceNow®. This integration empowers you to engage in communication and cooperation within your established workflows, ultimately leading to decreased response durations and enhanced message engagement rates. 

Rely on a comprehensive Critical Event Management (CEM) platform for effective communication, coordination and incident preparedness.  
Explore the all features of BlackBerry AtHoc 


Why use a critical event management platform?

A platform for managing critical events empowers enterprises to enhance their readiness for, address, and rebound from significant operational interruptions, calamities, and urgent situations. The integration of automation and AI technology facilitates the automation of workflows and notifications, the gathering of data from building sensors and alarms, and the delivery of a comprehensive, from-start-to-finish solution for adeptly overseeing various event categories. By seamlessly combining these capabilities, organizations can streamline their response mechanisms, improve decision-making, and ensure a resilient approach to managing unexpected scenarios. 

Why BlackBerry AtHoc?

BlackBerry AtHoc is simple to use, fast, and extremely reliable. It is also one of the most configurable systems on the market and integrates easily with other systems. With BlackBerry AtHoc, users can increase:  
● Speed: Activate your full emergency response in less than 10 minutes.  ● Certainty: Centralize all communication and operate from one dashboard. ● Accountability: Collect high-value evidence during golden hour and ensure compliance. 


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