Managing critical events: How to stay connected during a disaster

October 4 | 11:00 EEST  

Cyber incidents, pandemics, and natural disasters wreak havoc on communication between employees, which should be clearer than usual in such situations. It's a snowball effect: an incident prevents you from responding effectively, slowing down the resolution process and scaling up the damages. 
How can you remedy the situation and enable your colleagues to maintain clear communication during a crisis?   
This is what you'll learn at the webinar about BlackBerry AtHoc – a CEM (Critical Event Management) solution that can solve the problem of crisis notifications and establish communication mechanisms in the company. We will show various use cases, analyze the solution's capabilities step by step, and demonstrate the integration of BlackBerry AtHoc with BlackBerry Messenger


Crisis management – BlackBerry AtHoc 

    The beginning of the journey and the issues. Scenario analysis: cyber incidents, fire or air raid alarm, natural disaster, industrial injury, or pandemic. 

    DEMO. The first step in handling an incident: ● Message content (How to create a clear communication about a hazard?) ● Target users and organizations (How to work in a complex corporate structure?) ● Connecting mass devices (employees' smartphones, PCs and laptops, loudspeakers, IP phones, fire/air alarms, social networks) 

Automating the BlackBerry AtHoc crisis center

    Working with user geolocation and incident localization when working with an organization map. 

    Working with alert results – the schedule of responses and re-collection of statistics. Planning and working on a schedule. 

    Connecting staff and creating a personalized discussion session 

Solution for instant communication between users – BlackBerry Messenger 

    Support for multi-level security policies and data leakage prevention

    Integration of the corporate messenger with the AtHoc system. Creating a personal room or work area in the incident state, generating notifications directly in the messenger

    DEMO. Secure chats, conferences and audio-video calls for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows. 


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04.10 | 11:00 EEST

Yevhen Kurash, Sales Engineer, BAKOTECH