Security vs user:configuring a personal smartphone to work with company data

Businesses worldwide said "Yes!" to the use of personal devices for work. It means that in IT/IS departments, the protection and management of endpoints will extend beyond just well-known devices. They will be supplemented with the need to work with employees' personal devices in all their diversity.

We have prepared a Live Demo record, where we analysed the capabilities of BlackBerry UEM – a solution for protecting endpoints of any type, which helps to keep valuable data safe. 

You will see:

    How to navigate the workspace: quick communication with colleagues, file storage, work with mail, organisation of conference calls. 
    All popular information forwarding scenarios (copying files, copying a portion of information, screen capture). 
    How to use messenger programs and their web versions, unmanaged browsers, and Office 365. 
    How the employee and passwords interact: using a simple screen unlock password, in-app authentication, and the need to remember long passwords. 
    Automatic password recovery and independent device activation. 

Find out how user-friendly Blackberry UEM is, what technical tasks it solves, and whether it will make personal devices safer. 


Natalia Zholud



Yevhen Kurash

Engineer, BAKOTECH

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